sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Guia Virtual - GPS que acompanha Turista a pé (?)

A Guia Neyla Bomtempo achou esta curiosidade na Internet:
Mais um concorrente para o guia de turismo?
Ou simplesmente uma coisa a mais para preocupar a função dos guias de turismo?
Trata-se de um GPS que o turista leva como uma mini note-book e va caminhando guiado pela telinha. Um "tour-guide virtual". Idéias para vender programas, com certeza, não testadas pelos usuários, e colocadas na Internet para tentar sorte e começar a vender. Tem de muitas outras cidades.... Ah, Mundo Virtual!!!
Rio de Janeiro Walking Tours and Map

Venture out on your own with a personal tour guide in the palm of your hand. Load your iPhone with the self-guided walking tours from No need to hop on a tour bus or join a group; now you can explore all the best attractions on your own, at your own pace, and at a cost that is only a fraction of what you would normally pay for a guided tour. You can check out the city's famous monuments, landmarks, museums and specialty stores; or find hidden gems, as if you had brought along a local guide.
Walking tours included in this application are:
* Castelo and Flamengo (10 sights)
* Bohemian Center (9 sights)
* Rio Famous Museums (5 sights)
* Rio Art Museums (7 sights)
* Places of Worship (8 sights)
* Rio Landmarks (9 sights)
* Rio Classic Architecture (10 sights)
* City Orientation Tour (12 sights)
* Rio Beach Walk (5 sights)
* Nightlife Tour (8 sights)
* Rio for Single Men (10 sights)
* Jewelry and Accessories (10 sights)
* Antique and Home Collectables (7 sights)
This revolutionary application is a smart travel companion, with a detailed city map and powerful navigation features built in. Hence, No Internet Connection is necessary, nor the costly roaming charges when traveling to foreign cities. This powerful navigation assistance includes:
* Touring route clearly displayed on map
* Precise turn-by-turn walking directions from one sight to the next
* FindMe feature displays your exact location, while an auto tracking feature displays your movement on map, so you always know if you are moving in the right direction
Enjoy more convenience, cost savings and better time spent on a trip. With, your iPhone is your trusted personal tour guide.

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